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The Delayed Tekko Schedule Post


  • Tekko Improv 11pm-12:30am, Main Events


  • The Most Unusual Mix 9-11am, 92.1 WPTS-FM and online at wptsradio.org 
  • I Cast A Forward Pass 12:30-1:30pm, Panel 1
  • Anime Fight Club 6-7:30, Panel 6


I don’t have anything scheduled but Cherami Leigh is hosting an improv panel at 10:30. It might be of use :3


In Sickness And In Health…And In Sickness Again

Hello friends. Did I mention that I have major issues with post-con blues? Well you can pair that a propensity to be sick and you’ve basically described the past 6 months or so. I actually feel somewhat fortunate that I wasn’t able to get into Katsucon as a panelist because I would’ve just been a total wreck.

What wasn’t a total wreck were my first three game shows of 2017. Setsucon hosted Name That Tune and Wheel of Fortune while Anime Mini saw the initial foray of Doge! Much Press Very Luck. All three were successful although opinions may differ on the latter.

Next up is Tekko, and it’ll be busy both on and off the floor. Right now the only thing I can confirm is that Saturday morning will see the return of the Most Unusual Mix to the WPTS airwaves as part of the new Alumni Show. The rest is up in the air.

That being said, I can’t wait for yeas or nays, I’ve been busy getting a new friend of the company in Nightengale Needles and undertaking some super big projects that you will be hearing about very soon. Watch this space.

Tekko 2014 recap

Apologies for the delays, but thanks an expected-but-still-arduous move, it’s been a little hectic at MP HQ.  However, there is a recap for Tekko 2014.

First of all, thanks to everyone who came to everything I did.  On Friday night I ran an 18+ panel about show that aren’t really all that 18+ and 70 people showed up!   Anime Fight Club was Standing Room Only, and yet 3/4 were newcomers!  Seriously, what?!

Speaking of new, a lot of new material was tried out over the weekend.  “How To Set Your Table(top RPG)” was the only panel of mine that I had done before, but initial feedback was good.  Obviously, there’s room to improve, but I’m definitely on to something, which is always a plus.  The other good omen was a Madoka showing up to the Madoka edition of RIYL.

Regarding the stuff that wasn’t mine, there was, of course, the Improv.  My gratitude goes out to Nancy Kepner for allowing us to torture her (PS go buy her stuff) and for the hundreds of fans that turned out to watch.  We’ll do better next year.  Additionally, Brian and Anime Fight Club continues to surprise and amaze me.  There has never been a year at Tekko where I’ve been disappointed.  If you went to the panel, you might have seen some of the people that support me and that I want to support back.  I’ll drop the links to them here, in case you were interested at all.

Again, thank you all for coming out and supporting me and my friends.  I hope to see you all sometime soon.

Back from…well everything

Sup, y’all?  I’ve been absurdly busy over the past few weeks.  Between Tekko, Easter, and all the other real life stuff, I’ve been leaving this space rather neglected.  Because this is my hobby and not my full profession, other things take precedence, but I will try to further my involvement on this blog while furthering my pursuits on this vocation.

MelloPanther @ Tekkoshocon X-2
Not gonna lie, Tekko was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  On Friday, I ran my “How To Run A Panel” Workshop, hosted The Game of Shows, and emceed the always-hilarious Tekko Improv, this year featuring Uncle Yo.  If you didn’t catch me on Saturday in actual cosplay (thanks to Tekkoshocon Founder Rebecca for that), you may have caught me Saturday night running the board for the 8th year(!) of Anime Fight Club. Tekko is always a fun time–next year will be my tenth–and I’d like to thank Jim, Jeanie, Ada, Dan, and the rest of the staff for putting on an awesome show.

Catching up with old business
The Puzzle Strike footage still isn’t ready yet, mostly because I haven’t had time to sit down to edit it, but it had a great impact.  While there were 14 participants, one person who couldn’t make it was my acquaintance, and board game aficionado TJ.  Apparently, he wasn’t all that aware of the game, but that quickly changed.  Armed with the knowledge that anyone can play Puzzle Strike both online and offline, TJ returned to the underwater moon base of CGRUndertow and produced this short film.  I hope you enjoy it.

Bunnychan is still awesome, but Gary decided that he needed some space (or something like that) and started his own Facebook page. Now that I linked it, maybe he’ll give me back my shoes. >_>;

That’s all for now, but work on the next convention has already started, whenever and wherever it may be.

An announcement and a few questions

To those who know me, this will come as no surprise, but MelloPanther’s first convention formally will be Tekkoshocon X-2 April 3-5 in Pittsburgh, PA.  I say “formally” because I’ve been helping out that convention since 2005 when I was just a wee little staff peon.  In 2006, I did my first panel and the rest, as they say, is history.  I hope to be meeting a lot of old and new friends there, and I hope you, dear reader, will be one of them.

In order to prepare for Tekkoshocon, I’ve made a survey for one of my game shows.  If you could, please take some time to fill it out.  By doing so, you help support MP, and if the response is big and positive enough, I may make more!

Thank you for helping, and hope to see you in April!