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In Sickness And In Health…And In Sickness Again

Hello friends. Did I mention that I have major issues with post-con blues? Well you can pair that a propensity to be sick and you’ve basically described the past 6 months or so. I actually feel somewhat fortunate that I wasn’t able to get into Katsucon as a panelist because I would’ve just been a total wreck.

What wasn’t a total wreck were my first three game shows of 2017. Setsucon hosted Name That Tune and Wheel of Fortune while Anime Mini saw the initial foray of Doge! Much Press Very Luck. All three were successful although opinions may differ on the latter.

Next up is Tekko, and it’ll be busy both on and off the floor. Right now the only thing I can confirm is that Saturday morning will see the return of the Most Unusual Mix to the WPTS airwaves as part of the new Alumni Show. The rest is up in the air.

That being said, I can’t wait for yeas or nays, I’ve been busy getting a new friend of the company in Nightengale Needles and undertaking some super big projects that you will be hearing about very soon. Watch this space.



Those of you who have been to Pittsburgh conventions might remember the dreaded iPod, but it’s a full story worth telling.  Since I started hosting Name That Tune in 2010, I’ve had a metallic pink iPod nano as part of the Grand Prize package for winning with honors, whether it’s winning a bonus round, or beating the final round with a certain score.  The problem for contestants has been 1) my endgames don’t kid around in terms of difficulty and 2) Name That Tune hasn’t been played in over a year and at a major convention in nearly 2 years.  So the iPod has sat unclaimed for nearly 40 months, and has become a bit of a running gag.  You may not think it’s valuable, but it is now one of the greatest trophies one can claim from my games, outside of the people’s ovation and fame forever.

Hopefully, that will change at Setsucon, as the iPod and nearly ¥20,000 in other goodies will be up for grabs at the MelloPanther’s first Name That Tune outside of Western Pennsylvania. I’ll post MP’s full schedule very shortly.