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What Do You Do With Three Months Off?

There used to be a panel that frequently ran in the Northeast/Ohio Valley convention circuit called “10 Conventions A Year” which explained how an attendee could budget and schedule their way to double-digit shows. Most of my circle of friends thought that there were better things to plan for (like, say, a trip to Japan) so we didn’t pay much attention to it.

Fast forward to 2017, where I’ve been to 12 shows in less than 10 months.

Now granted, all but 1 of those have been while working with Megaroad Toys and the compensation I get for that, combined with my lack of buying tendencies (except for prizes) and benefits at my day job have helped enable my excursions. I also haven’t been presenting at all of these conventions (mostly because I’ve missed submission deadlines; I’ve been fortunate to not be declined for a show I’ve applied to this year) which can keep incidentals down, but it also means I can’t scratch that particular itch.

So what will happen when my next scheduled show after Blurriecon is in the middle of January?

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Making It Up

Every so often, I do improv, and sometimes that requires suggestions. In order to help the process and get as many good suggestions as possible, I’m turning to you out in Internet Land to help me out. I’ve put up a survey featuring games that will likely be used, as well as some example videos in case you weren’t sure what would work best. At each event, we’ll pick some of the good ones and use them.

Fill out the current version of the survey here or copy and paste

The Delayed Tekko Schedule Post


  • Tekko Improv 11pm-12:30am, Main Events


  • The Most Unusual Mix 9-11am, 92.1 WPTS-FM and online at 
  • I Cast A Forward Pass 12:30-1:30pm, Panel 1
  • Anime Fight Club 6-7:30, Panel 6


I don’t have anything scheduled but Cherami Leigh is hosting an improv panel at 10:30. It might be of use :3

Fandom Feud Survey Post

So I decided that I want to do a Family Feud program for conventions, but it’s hard to get full families at a convention, so it’s getting renamed it to a much more common occurrence at conventions.

Of course we can’t play the Feud without surveys and so I have two for you to fill out. Because I have game show friends who are necessarily into anime and vice versa(???) I’ve set up one survey for all comers and the other for anime fans. Try one or both; it’s up to you. If I can get 100 people quickly enough, I’ll send out two more surveys. The goal is to have 20 viable questions for two full matches, so I want to get through as many as possible without overwhelming you.

You’ll also note at the bottom of each survey I ask for your e-mail. This is indeed for S&P purposes, but if you’d like, I’ll let you know when the next surveys are out.

The links are below and I hope to update them when the next surveys go out. Thanks a bunch!

Survey 1-1 (for all audiences)
Survey 1-2 (for otaku and con goers)


In Sickness And In Health…And In Sickness Again

Hello friends. Did I mention that I have major issues with post-con blues? Well you can pair that a propensity to be sick and you’ve basically described the past 6 months or so. I actually feel somewhat fortunate that I wasn’t able to get into Katsucon as a panelist because I would’ve just been a total wreck.

What wasn’t a total wreck were my first three game shows of 2017. Setsucon hosted Name That Tune and Wheel of Fortune while Anime Mini saw the initial foray of Doge! Much Press Very Luck. All three were successful although opinions may differ on the latter.

Next up is Tekko, and it’ll be busy both on and off the floor. Right now the only thing I can confirm is that Saturday morning will see the return of the Most Unusual Mix to the WPTS airwaves as part of the new Alumni Show. The rest is up in the air.

That being said, I can’t wait for yeas or nays, I’ve been busy getting a new friend of the company in Nightengale Needles and undertaking some super big projects that you will be hearing about very soon. Watch this space.

Mr. Doge Goes To Washington

So far I have only done doge Wheel of Fortune in Pennsylvania, and even then, only as far west as State College. Come October, that will hopefully change. Anime USA is going to be the biggest crowd yet for my version of America’s Game. It’s surely going to be exciting, and maybe we’ll have the biggest win yet.

In other news, let’s flash back to a few weeks ago.


Good news for my inner 60’s Spider-Man, AUSA will also be the debut of “I Cast A Forward Pass,” a panel all about how the wide world of sports crashed into board game night. This is literally part of my childhood that we will be talking about, and I am excited to share some of the ridiculousness I have found.

October is shaping up to be a really good month. Won’t you join me for it?