Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Meta Panel

One of the panels I was an attendee for at Tekko was essentially a pitch meeting; people would come in, pitch their panel ideas to some of the Guests of Honor, and they in turn would provide feedback on how to make it work. What made kind of odd was that there were only about 5 or 6 people in attendance, which isn’t inherently bad, but I and Brian (who I have worked with plenty) were both quickly roped in to give advice based on our own experiences. So I was a attending a panel on panels where I was also a panelist. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN
To be honest it was nothing out of the ordinary, though. My advice remains generally unchanged from my “How To Make A Panel” Workshop in that if you have an idea, do it. The price of failure is nowhere near what everyone thinks it is. Plus you could save money.
In non-MP news, check out the 24 Hour Game Show Marathon this weekend. It’s run by some awesome people and they’re doing it for CHOP, so that means the kids win out on this.  Maybe I’ll convince them to do Pittsburgh one year :3