Tekko 2014 recap

Apologies for the delays, but thanks an expected-but-still-arduous move, it’s been a little hectic at MP HQ.  However, there is a recap for Tekko 2014.

First of all, thanks to everyone who came to everything I did.  On Friday night I ran an 18+ panel about show that aren’t really all that 18+ and 70 people showed up!   Anime Fight Club was Standing Room Only, and yet 3/4 were newcomers!  Seriously, what?!

Speaking of new, a lot of new material was tried out over the weekend.  “How To Set Your Table(top RPG)” was the only panel of mine that I had done before, but initial feedback was good.  Obviously, there’s room to improve, but I’m definitely on to something, which is always a plus.  The other good omen was a Madoka showing up to the Madoka edition of RIYL.

Regarding the stuff that wasn’t mine, there was, of course, the Improv.  My gratitude goes out to Nancy Kepner for allowing us to torture her (PS go buy her stuff) and for the hundreds of fans that turned out to watch.  We’ll do better next year.  Additionally, Brian and Anime Fight Club continues to surprise and amaze me.  There has never been a year at Tekko where I’ve been disappointed.  If you went to the panel, you might have seen some of the people that support me and that I want to support back.  I’ll drop the links to them here, in case you were interested at all.

Again, thank you all for coming out and supporting me and my friends.  I hope to see you all sometime soon.


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