Sayonara, Ohio

So we are back from Matsuricon, and I must say it was a different experience from what I am used to.  I’ve been to Columbus before, but it was for larger shows, so seeing something of Matsuricon’s size in the same event space was definitely a bit of a shock.  That being said, it was a good weekend.  Pardon me for putting on my Staffer Hat for a bit, but the Matsuricon staff definitely had some good ideas, and get some major points for creativity.  I’d also like to thank the Panel Ops staff for being particularly awesome and generally on top of things.

As for what I did at the convention, well, I did my panels, natch, but there was also a bit of rhythm gaming, and I was introduced to Cardfight Vanguard.  That may be a thing in the future. >_>  The strangest moment was when my friend Dan, who did the Anime Old Enough to Drink panel, called me up to stage an impromptu round of Anime Fight Club with hilarious results.  It reminds me of a saying regarding RPGs, “No good plan ever makes it past the players.” Sadly, the A/V gremlins got the better of my programming, so we were unable to film anything, but it will serve as a learning experience for next time.

When is next time? Well you’ll just have to find out.  Stay tuned :3


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