Time, Time, Everywhere a Time

Less than a week away from Matsuricon, here’s list of what I’ll be doing, all in the Grant Room (aka Panel 3)

  • Friday 5PM: How To Set Your Table(top RPG)
  • Saturday Noon: A Real History of Fake Singers
  • Sunday, 3PM: The Laundry List

You can catch a description of all these here.  My travelling companions are doing some panels, too, so here’s what they will be doing and where.

  • Friday 4PM, Panel 3: History of Detective Conan
  • Friday 8PM, Panel 2: Anime Old Enough to Drink
  • Saturday 10AM, Events: Politics & War in Mecha Anime
  • Saturday 7PM, Panel 2: Gundam in the Modern Age
  • Saturday 9PM, Panel 2: The Roots of Tokusatsu
  • Sunday 2PM, Panel 3: Introduction to J-Drama

There’s lots of fun to be had.  Let’s have some together.


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