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Where I’ll be at Matsuri(con)

Only four weeks remain until Matsuricon, but MP is ready to roll with three fun-filled panels for the Columbus crowd.

  • Once again, I’ll be talking about the hitmakers of the fictional music world in A Real History of Fake Singers. We’ll go from Minmei to Miku and beyond with clips, histories, and of course, music.
  • Who wants to play video tabletop games? I do, too, but did you ever think about running one?  Or what if you have thought about it but don’t know where to start? How to Set Your Table(top) breaks down the basics to help determine which setting and system is best for your grand adventure time.
  • And, of course, is ain’t a MP party without game shows, so I’m breaking out The Laundry List. It’s so easy to play–just tell us stuff that fit the category–but can you outlast your opponents to win all the prizes? Also, there may be some fantastic prizes from Bunnychan but you didn’t hear that from me :3

I’ll also have a bunch of friends helping out and doing panels of their own, so be sure to check them out after you check us out, and we’ll all have an awesome time.


Have a kitty :3

Did’ya notice the brand spanking new header? You better, because Bunnychan spent several months of patience, effort, toil, and patience in creating it. Now, I did make the pedestal, and it’s a very nice one at that, but without Buns, there is no MP image, so honestly, you need to go and tell her how awesome she is and how you need her art, too.

While I play around with our new panther mascot (and the rest of this site’s appearance) I may as well include that I’ll be at Matsuricon in Columbus, OH at the end of August.  I don’t know in what capacity I’ll be there, but even in the worst case scenario, there’s nothing wrong with just being an attendee.  Hope to see you there!