All The Small Things

Spoils Alert :3

It’s been a surprisingly productive month here at the secret underwater base and I can’t keep the results just to myself.  After all, MP is all about you, the audience, so sharing is almost mandatory.  Here is the first thing I will present to you: a picture of all the swag I got on my trip to Japan!  It was a heckuva week, and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to go. (Two caveats: don’t know by yourself, and plan ahead of time.)  What’s not in this picture is all the swag I got for myself.  That’s right, all this is up for grabs in future MelloPanther events!

I know there will be at least one more convention in 2013 that I plan on going to, and my hope is that I go to three, maybe four if I’m lucky, but 2014 is still wide open.  If you know of any convention in either Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, or even New Jersey or Delaware, that you would be 20% cooler with MelloPanther programming, shoot me a line (there’s an e-mail link in the corner now) or better yet, tell that convention!

Now that’s a lot of stuff to offer, but I’m not through yet.  There may be a couple other things worth talking about…but not today.  Watch this space, though, you never know what news might drop.


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