Bunnies! Bunnies everywhere!

We’ll have some fun stuff on how our Puzzle Strike tournament came out soon, but first I want to welcome MP’s first official sponsor, the drawing, cosplaying, figure-loving, tea sipping, internet bon vivant Bunnychan!  Like yours truly, she’s all over the tubes. She has her UTAU/Figure blog Bunny Chai, but when she’s not working on that, she showcases her whimsical art on the usual sites and will even draw for you as long you ask nicely.

Bunny has donated a metric ton of prizes for our game shows, and will also help the site out with some other projects, so you’re going to run into Bunnychan’s work whether you want to or not, but you should totally want to.  After all, Gary would be sad if you don’t support her.


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